PWR01 - Small and Efficient AC-DC Flyback Converter

Submitted by GG on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 18:06
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PWR01 TopIn the last 25 years switching AC-DC converters have become ubiquitous. Computers, small appliances and phone chargers are a few examples of applications where linear power supplies have practically disappeared. Despite the significant advantages in size, weight and efficiency, switching AC-DC supplies are not very common with hobbyist due to their complexity and scarcity of ready to build kits.
PWR01 is a low power (~6W) universal voltage (100-240V) isolated AC-DC flyback converter based on the ST Microelectronics VIPer17. Either 5V or 12V output can be obtained using an off the shelf transformer.


High Voltage The primary side of the circuit is not isolated from earth ground and contains potentially lethal voltages (as high as 340V). Avoid touching any part of the circuit when powered on. Make sure the high voltage caps are discharged before touching the circuit after disconnecting from the mains as they could hold dangerous voltages for several minutes.
Always use a safety isolation transformer during experimentation and troubleshooting.


  • Universal voltage (100-240V) ~6W output power
  • 5V or 12V output with off the shelf transformer. Any output voltage with custom wound transformer.
  • Supports VIPer17H (115KHz) with off the shelf transofrmer
  • Supports VIPer17L (60KHz) with custom wound transformer.
  • Supports higher power VIPer27 with custom wound transformer.
  • Less than 500mW standby power
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