Unicart PLCC32 Programming

I'm trying to run some 8K cartridge images from a Unicart without much luck. I read the 512K of data from the PLCC32 that came with my Unicart using a MiniPro. I then edited the file using HxD Hexeditor and pasted in 3 8K cartridge BINs at 2000h, 4000h and 6000h. I then burned the image to a new M290F040B successfully. What should my DIP settings be for P2 and P1 to run each of those carts at 200h, 4000h and 6000h?

For 8KB images P2 should be set to:

Switch P1 selects the bank. Please note that ON means 0 and OFF means 1.
bank 0 (0x00000) 6:ON,5:ON,4:ON,3:ON,2:ON,1:ON
bank 1 (0x02000) 6:ON,5:ON,4:ON,3:ON,2:ON,1:OFF
bank 2 (0x04000) 6:ON,5:ON,4:ON,3:ON,2:OFF,1:ON
bank 3 (0x06000) 6:ON,5:ON,4:ON,3:ON,2:OFF,1:OFF