Smoked chip... repair options?


I've had my CGA2RGB v2 for a while and love using it with my C128. What's the one thing the documentation says? Be careful with your power supply. What did I do? Use the wrong power supply. AAAAAH! (I power the CGA2RGB via my GBS board, which is accepting of 5-12V, and just didn't think about it.)

It's pretty obvious that the 16v8 PAL is dead - it's burning hot even with 5v. I realize that the boards are out of stock; is there any chance I could buy a replacement PAL, or buy a copy of the hex file (I have the facility to program one myself).

Thank you in advance for saving me from my own stupidity!


--John Riney

I am sorry your board was damaged by the power supply. The documentation clearly states to only use 5V to power the GBS.
In any case, we are happy to replace the damaged chip. Please contact us directly at the email in the shop page and we will take care of the issue.