thermocouple breakout

hello. Nice work on the thermocouple breakout. I'm a scientist and I plan to use the MAX31855K to store the oven temperature of a gas chromatograph. However, I am not going to use the flash ROM (I'm using an SD card instead), so I am planning to make a different breakout without the flash ROM (to save some space when fabricating the board). If you could post the board files and/or Eagle/Kicad schematics that would be appreciated, but if not I understand. Also, I'm a beginner at board fabrication, so forgive me if what has been posted is sufficient for this modification. Thanks!

Also I'm curious for how you envision the flash ROM to be used? I suppose the MCU reads them temperature then stores it in the flash ROM?

Thanks for the comment.
How many are you planning to use? If it's just one or two I would recommend to just build the board as is and not solder the ROM. The board size reduction by removing the ROM footprint are negligible. If you need many thermocouples, then it would be useful to put multiple chips on the same PCB to reduce the amount of wiring.

As you have guessed the flash can be used for storage of the data, if necessary.