microjs - Freescale S08JS microUSB minimal system

microjs on a breadboard The freescale S08JS series is one of the lowest cost microcontrollers with a hardware USB implementation. The availability of free C development tools (SDCC and Codewarrior) make the S08JS a great candidate to develop all sorts of inexpensive USB gadgets. microJS is a fully functional S08JS minimal system on a PCB less than a square inch. The board headers can be plugged into a breadboard for prototyping or soldered to another PCB for a permanent placement.

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SDCC 3.0.0 Released

SDCC logoAfter more than a year of development and 2 release candidates, the SDCC team has released the new 3.0.0 version of this great multi platform cross compiler for MCUs. This version supports: 8051, DS390, Z80, HC08, and PIC MCUs.

Besides the numerous bug fixes here is a list of the important changes since the release 2.9.0 (list taken from SDCC website):

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gboot 0.2-rc1 - A USB HID Bootloader for Silabs C8051F320

An updated version of gboot available here

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gboot is a very simple USB HID bootloader for Silicon Laboratories USB microcontrollers. It has been developed for C8051F320/1 but it should work, after a few trivial modification, on other Silicon Laboratories USB MCUs.

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