Connecting to Mac / pc



How did you guys connect this to a modern OS ?

I have a serial to usb lead and then...

I've tried virtual modem software , serial port software and various versions of them.

I can communicate with the 64 via zterm but no internet / bbs access.

I'll end up with a pi or arduino solution at this rate .

There are many choices of modem emulators and we have not tested all of them.
We had pretty good luck with tcpser from Jim Brian.
On the GLINK232 (non LT) some configurations work better with a 5 pin NULL modem cable (i.e. only rx/tx and rts/cts).
On the -LT and USB version I am not aware of any issues.

Hi thanks for the reply , I've sorted it eventually by using bbs telnet server and using a direct link to the pc rather than the usb. Nice to see the c64 online at last, although I will make up a pi solution as it's more compact than having a pc running. Great stuff , cheers

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