Purchasing GGLABS products

GGLABS products can be purchased on tindie, Amazon, ebay or at a small discount by sending an email to gorlik _at_ yahoo _dot_ com with a list of the items.

Apple II/IIgs Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
RAMGS/4 N/A N/A $69  
RAMGS/8 N/A N/A $99  
GZ/80 N/A N/A $99  
GZ/80S N/A N/A $139  
GS2HD $5 N/A $59  
A2SCSI N/A N/A $129  
Apple Mac Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
MACSIMM 0K N/A N/A $19 No Flash chips
MACSIMM 512K N/A N/A $29  
MACSIMM 2M N/A N/A $35  
Commodore 8-bit Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
GLINK232T N/A N/A $99  
GLINK-LT N/A N/A $39  
CGA2RGBv2 N/A N/A $39  
GRAM/512S N/A N/A $49 Out of Stock
GRAM/1D N/A N/A $69  
GRAM/4D N/A N/A $129  
UNICART $9 N/A $14 Only bare PCBs in stock
UNICART/D $9 N/A N/A Out of Stock
Commodore Amiga Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
F2R16 N/A N/A $29  
F2R16-PROG $6 N/A N/A  
E2R16 $6 N/A N/A  
A520HD N/A N/A $69 Out of stock
KC-85 Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
M10MEM $5 N/A $35  
Multi Platform Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
GRAND N/A N/A $79  
UJOY/1A $4 N/A $19 Out of stock
T232 $4 $8 $12  
GTERM25 $6 N/A $29  
E2R16v2.1 $9 N/A N/A  
E2R16v2.2 N/A $15 N/A  
GTL48 $6 N/A N/A  
Other Products PCB Kit Assembled Notes
ISO01 $5 N/A N/A  
SSR1/A $6 N/A $29  
GLED $5 N/A N/A  
ProtoJS $5 $15 N/A  
SSR01 $5 N/A N/A  
GRAD $5 N/A $59  

All prices are in USD. Shipping within the USA is $4.35 for first class (one or two items) and $8.35 for priority mail (any number of items). International shipping is based on weight and starts at $9.75 (email me for the exact amount).

Shipment Method Starting Cost Additional Items Estimated Delivery Tracking Notes
Domestic Ground Advantage $4.35 $0.75 3-10 days Good up to 16oz
Domestic Priority Mail $8.35 $0.50 2-5 days Very Good  
UPS 2 day select $20.50 Free 2-3 days Excellent  
International Economy $9.75 $2.50 3-10 weeks None Padded envelopes only (no boxes). No insurance. Up to 16oz
International Air Mail $16.50 $1.75 2-8 weeks Poor  
Asendia USA $15.25 $1.75 2-4 weeks Good Not available for all destinations. Up to 4lb.
International Priority Mail $39.75 Free 2-4 weeks Poor  
UPS Worldwide Express $46.75 Free 3-5 days Excellent  

Scene Contribution Discounts

GGLABS is grateful to all who dedicate their time to keep the retrocomputing scene active.
As a thank you, GGLABS offers discounts to individuals and organizations who make significant contributions to the retrocomputing community. Eligible categories are:
1- vintage computing developers (both hardware and software)
2- retrocomputing magazines/websites/blogs authors and publishers
3- user groups and conferences

If you don't fit in any of the above categories, but you feel you deserve the discount, please send us an email describing your contribution to the vintage computing community.
The discount is only available when buying directly from GGLABS by sending us an email.

Other Discounts

If you make a donation to any of our favorite charities you will receive a $1 discount for every $2 donated (discount cannot exceed 75% of the purchase price).
If you are a reseller and are interested in selling our products, please feel free to contact us.

Retired Products

No longer for sale. Historical interest only.

Product PCB Kit Assembled Notes
RAMGS $12 $60 $90 retired
RAMGS-MAX $25 $160 $220 retired
GRAM/512D N/A $49 $59 retired
E2R16v2 $15 N/A N/A retired
CGA2RGB N/A N/A $35 retired
GLINK232 N/A N/A $49 retired