PCSX movie quality fix

Submitted by GG on Fri, 02/12/2010 - 19:39

This patch resolves a video quality bug in PCSX (and derivatives) and since it is a complete rewrite of the mdec.c file it also allow PCSX to be completely licensed under the GPL.

The rewrite is based on an implementation of the AAN (Y. Arai, T. Agui, and M. Nakajima) IDCT algorithm plus some optimizations based on extra information on the coefficient matrices provided by the RLE decoder.

NOTE: This page is mostly for historical reasons. The fixes descibed here are already included in the latest version of PCSX-R and PCSX-df.


Original PCSX 1.6 Code
Original PCSX V1.6

New MDEC code
Improved MDEC Code

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