CGA2VGA Converter


Trying to use the convertor I've found the CGA connector with two nuts, and also on my XT, so I've replaced the nuts with bolts.

So, Now I can't plug any vga monitor cause is a male plug, I'm doing something wrong?. Should I replace the plug, or find some female-female vga adapter?.

What I'm missing?.

The recommended configuration is to use a straight M-F DB9 cable to connect the adapter to the CGA board and plug the adapter directly to the GBS-8200.

The CGA2RGB is not a scan converter. Unless you have a VGA monitor that can sync to 15KHz, direct connection will not work.

I have a ae pctransporter card with cga out, there was a colorswitch for the card, but I don't have one.
I think this did some of the thing the colorswitch did,but don't have rgb input to switch,I think this would work for it but need a switch or just use two monitors.

Unfortunately I am not sure if the CGA2RGB output will drive the Apple RGB monitor.
The horizontal scan rate is correct but I am not sure if it will work without sync on green.

I've tested both my Commodore 128 and my Tandy 1000HX, and no luck with video output. The OSSC identifies the correct frequency and I even get an indication that a signal is being sent to my monitor. However, there is only a black display. I was wondering if anyone has tested the CGA2RGB with an OSSC?

Unfortunately I don't have a OSSC available for testing. It's likely a sync level/waveform incompatibility.
For the C128 I would suggest to try J5 pin 8 for the sync to see if you can get a good image.

I'd really like to buy one of these. I've been searching for days for a way to connect my C128 to an old RGB monitor I have.

When will these become available for sale again?


We are working as hard as we can to make sure the new version is perfect.
We are close but not there yet.

GGLABS page says it's available, but there are none to be found. Will this become available again?

Unfortunately COVID-19 has impacted our ability to reliably source components and our inventory has been fluctuating more than we'd like.
The boards should be back in stock in a 2-3 weeks.