Distored Video

Submitted by Scottmm78 on Tue, 11/19/2019 - 05:36

I got the unit but setting all switches to low for CGA i get a rolling image but if i set 4 to HI get a desent image only the top is distored and jittery (Yes im aware it could be a issue with the gbs8200.) But I wanted to know what the switch 4 sets and is it safe to run that way long term.

https://imgur.com/T5xDcja When 1-3 are Low and 4 is Hi see the lop of the screen is off set/jittery

Switch 4 selects between NOR (sw4 off) and XOR (sw1 on) composite sync modes.
They are both perfectly safe to use.
XOR should be the "correct" way to combine syncs, but most GBS units work a lot better with NOR.

BTW: with the default configuration, did you try to reset your GBS?