Supported memory chips on RAMGS and RAMGS-MAX


Both RAMGS and RAMGS-MAX accept most fast page mode 1Mx4 DRAMs in the ZIP-20 package. Refer to the table below for part numbers.

Manufacturer Part Number
Siemens HYB514400
Toshiba TC514400
Hitachi HM514400
NEC uPD424400
Mitsubishi M5M541000
Oki MSM514400
Fujitsu MB814400
Samsung KM44C1000
Micron MT4C4001
TI TMS44400

do you have a good place I can get some sockets?
a 1M X 4bit is this a 4M by using 4 chip?
I have a card with 768k 4chipsX6chips.
if I replace chips with 1M X 4bit chips will this card with 24 chips make it = 96M ?

I usually buy the socket in a local electronics store. If that is not an option for you, I would try ebay.
1Mx4 is 1MByte for every 2 chips (1 byte is 8bits so 8Mbit = 1MByte). For a 4MBytes card you need a total of 8 chips.
If the card is for the IIgs, I am pretty sure it will not work as an unmodified the IIgs can address a maximum of 8MBytes of RAM.