GS2HD - Apple IIgs RGB to HDTV Component Adapter

Submitted by GG on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 15:25

GS2HD E01The apple IIgs, like many computers from the 80's and early 90's, has a analog RGB output at a 15KHz horizontal frequency (same as NTSC/PAL). The majority of modern monitors and TVs will not sync to anything below 31.5KHz on their VGA input. If you have a TV with a SCART connector it is possible to wire the RGB directly to the TV. Most TVs in USA, however, use the YPbPr component instead of SCART making a direct connection not possible.

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M10MEM - 8KB SRAM Module for Tandy Model 100

Submitted by GG on Wed, 11/03/2021 - 20:02

M10MEMBeing nostalgic for the birth of laptop computers we recently acquired an Olivetti M10. The M10, like many of the KC-85 derivatives like the Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 and the NEC PC8201A, uses custom modules for their system RAM. These modules contained four 2Kx8 SMD SRAMs mounted on a ceramic substrate with a non standard DIP footprint. Needless to say, these modules have become increasingly hard to find.

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Totoro64 - A Studio Ghibli fan game for the Commodore 64

Submitted by GG on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 00:00

Totoro64A fun way to introduce coding to kids is game development. Vintage machines are ideal to introduce many low level concepts without the complexity or the abstraction of modern, more powerful systems. The game is a classic vertical catch game featuring characters from Hayao Miyazaki's movie "My neighbor Totoro". The goal is to catch the required number of acorns before the time expires.

E2R16v2.2 - 27C400/800/160/322 programming adapter for Minipro TL866

Submitted by GG on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 17:39

E2R16 V21The Minipro TL866 is very popular among hobbyist because of its low price and ease of use. Its list of supported chips is however somewhat limited compared to more expensive professional programmers. The E2R16v2 adapter adds support for the ROM pinout compatible EPROM of the 27C400/800/160 and C322 series.

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GRAD - Micropower Geiger-Müller Counter Arduino Shield

Submitted by GG on Wed, 08/25/2021 - 23:44

GRAD A03Like many other hobbyist we have always been fascinated by radioactivity and the sensors to detect it. Geiger-Müller tubes are a common and relatively inexpensive way to measure radiation. GRAD is a complete solution for radiation counting in an Arduino shield form factor. Its main features are dual tube support to increase sensitivity and very low power consumption.

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Commodorino - Use arduino shields on the Commodore 64

Submitted by GG on Tue, 08/10/2021 - 03:32

CommodorinoArduino shields are ubiquitous and provide a wide range of sensors and interfaces. Commodorino allows their use on a Commodore 64. The interface provides good compatibility with the Arduino Uno platform. Digital I/O, Analog In, SPI, I2C and limited interrupt and Serial port are implemented and additional Micro SD card socket is available for future expansion.

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GRAM/4D - 4MB geoRAM Compatible RAM Expansion for Commodore 64/128

Submitted by GG on Fri, 07/02/2021 - 22:39

geoRAMThe geoRAM is a 512KB memory expansion for the Commodore 64 and 128 designed by Berkeley Softworks for use with GEOS. While not as fast as the Commodore REU due to its lack of DMA capabilities, it still provides a significant performance boost. GRAM/4D is a 4MB geoRAM compatible cartridge based on a two 4Mx4 DRAM devices.

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RAMGS/4 - 4MB memory expansion for the Apple IIgs

Submitted by GG on Wed, 06/09/2021 - 23:11

ramgsThe apple IIgs is the most advanced computer in the Apple II series. Equipped with a 65c816 8/16-bit CPU with 24-bit address space it could address up to 16MB of memory. The original rom 01 model shipped with 256KB of fast RAM, the revised rom 3 shipped with 1MB (both had an additional 128KB of standard RAM and 64KB of sound RAM). RAMGS/4 is a newly designed 4MB memory expansion card for this great classic computer.

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CGA2RGBv2 - Digital RGBI to analog RGB for C128 and IBM PC MDA/CGA/EGA

Submitted by GG on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 22:38

CGA2RGBThe 80 column output of the Commodore 128 is the same digital RGBI used by the original IBM CGA graphics adapter. Unfortunately nowadays is quite difficult to find a monitor with the suitable RGBI input. The CGA2RGBv2 adapter will convert the TTL RGBI to analog RGB suitable to be connected directly to a 15KHz capable RGB monitor or to the popular Gonbes GBS-8200 VGA converter.

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