SDCC 3.4.0 Released

SDCC logoA new release of SDCC, the portable optimizing compiler for 8051, DS390, Z80, Z180, Rabbit 2000, HC08, STM8 and PIC microprocessors is now available. Sources, documentation and binaries compiled for x86 Linux, x86 and x64 MS Windows and x86 and PPC Mac OS X are available.

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LCD Smartie official USB hardware powered by gglabs

LCD Smartie official hardwareWe are proud to announce that gglabs was chosen by the LCD Smartie team to design a custom USB interface for text displays specifically designed for LCD Smartie. The result of our collaboration is the LCD Smartie official hardware. Beside purchasing the most advanced USB based LCD interface on the market, your money will serve good cause as part of the profits will go to the LCD smartie developers.

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SDCC 3.3.0 Released

SDCC logoThe SDCC team is spoiling us with yet another great release. After a little less than one year of development and 3 release candidates the new 3.3.0 version is ready for download.

Besides the numerous bug fixes here is a list of the important changes since the release 3.2.0 (list taken from SDCC website):

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Freescale S08 Headers Under a Free Software License

Freescale logoOur staff has been working with Freescale to negotiate the release of S08 header files under a free software license to allow their inclusion in the SDCC distribution.
After more than one year of work and the superstar effort of Jim Trudeau at Freescale we finally received the package under the BSD 3-clause license.

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PWR01 - Small and Efficient AC-DC Flyback Converter

PWR01 TopDespite the significant advantages in size, weight and efficiency, switching AC-DC supplies are not very common with hobbyist due to their complexity and scarcity of ready to build kits.
PWR01 is a low power (~6W) universal voltage (100-240V) isolated AC-DC flyback converter based on the ST Microelectronics VIPer17. Either 5V or 12V output can be obtained using an off the shelf transformer.

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G78xxHE - DC-DC converter module in a TO-220 footprint

G78 AP5100 Linear regulators from the 7800 series are often the choice for electronics hobbyists because of their ease of use, versatility, robustness and availability. G78xxHE is a very small DC-DC converter aimed to be a "drop in" replacement for the 7800 series regulators in TO-220 package. Thanks to its high efficiency the G78xxHE does not need to be connected to an heatsink even when delivering the maximum rated 7800 series current (1A) with large Vin-Vout deltas.

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